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 Pogey's was opened on Sept 18, 1990. When we first opened, we were open daily from 5am - 9pm, 7 days a week. Our goal was to close at 2pm after 10 years, well, it went a little longer than that, it was April 15, 2001 before that happened. My parents owned a restaurant named "Friendly's" in Elwood, Indiana from when I was 10 yrs old (1970) until they sold it in 1980. I started out as dishwasher at a very young age and moved up to night time manager before they sold it. My parents would come to Okeechobee for the whole month of Feb every year to get away from the snow and do a lot of fishing. My parents offered me the business before they put it up for sale, but the whole family fell in love with Okeechobee and the Lake. So we moved down here in May of 1980. My parents started "Vest Concrete" to have something to do on the side, which later turned out to be a full time business, which my brother Jeff now owns and runs. My blood and heart was definitely in the food business, so in 1989, I sold my construction company and started building Pogey's in Jan of 1990, and to this day.....


                                               I still enjoy getting up every morning and coming to work.

Pictured on left Natasha ( Daughter )    Faith ( Grand-daughter )    Josh ( Son )Picture was taken June 2014 and since then we have welcomed two amazing grandsons, Tristin and Cohen

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